Renewing Your Missouri CAFO General Permit in 2010

The Missouri General Permit expires on Feb 23. 2011. All operations permitted under the General Permit must apply to renew their permit by September 23, 2010. This web page will provide information to help farmers understand what they need to do to renew their permit.

Important. If you do not currently have a permit nothing in this rule change will require you to get a permit with one exception. The exception is that the threshold for pigs under 55 pounds has dropped from 15,000 to 10,000.

Note: In spring 2010 MU extension in cooperation with MDNR held a series of information meetings discussing a plan to require permited operations to choose between a "state" and an "NPDES" permit. This process has been postponed for at least two years. Instead, in July 2010, operations permitted under the general permit should have recieved a letter from MDNR outlining new permit renewal requirements and dates. The new requirements essentially allow farmers to renew their current permit for another two years with a permit fee of $150.

Key points on the permit renewal process:

  • Permit renewal paperwork must be submitted by September 23, 2010 to maintain permit coverage on your farm.
  • The permit renewal forms will give you coverage under a new two-year general permit with similar requirements as your current permit.
  • The most significant change in the new permit will be the requirement to have and follow a nutrient managemet plan that meets the requirements of the Missouri CAFO Nutrient Management Technical Standard (see below). The plan must be submitted to MDNR before Feb. 23, 2011. Ideally the plan should be submitted with your permit renewal form in September.
  • The permit fee will be $150 due with the permit renewal form.
  • You should be issued a new operating permit in winter 2011 if you submit your renewal form by the Sept. 24, 2010 deadline and your nutrient management plan by the Feb. 23, 2011 deadline. If you do not submit a nutrient management plan you will likely still be issued a permit but you likely will also be issued a compliance letter requiring you to submit a plan with potential for fines if you fail to comply.
  • You should keep a copy of your renewal form with a copy of your nutrient management plan in your on-farm records.

Important links:

  • CAFO General Permit Renewal Form (Form MO 780-2112): Fill out and submit this form to renew your permit.
  • Missouri CAFO Nutrient Management Technical Standard: This standard defines how manure nutrients are managed on Missouri CAFOs. This standard will apply to existing CAFOs when their permit is renewed. Operations seeking renewal of their general permit must submit a nutrient management plan that meets the requirements of this standard to MDNR before Feb. 23, 2011.
  • Draft General Permit: This will be your operating permit for the next two years. The permit conditions are open for public comment through Sept. 13, 2010 at 5:00 PM.