Renewing Your Missouri CAFO General Permit in 2012

The Missouri General Permit expires on Feb 23. 2013. All operations permitted under the General Permit must apply to renew their permit by August 27, 2012.

When they renew their permit farmers must choose between two permits: The State No-Discharge General Permit and the State NPDES General Permit.

This web page provides information to help farmers understand what they need to do to renew their permit and which permit will be best for their operation.

Important. If you do not currently need a permit nothing in this new permit cycle will require you to get a permit.

Key Resources:

  • See the 2012 Special Edition of Commercial Ag News for detailed information on renewing your permit.
  • Attend one of four free meetings sponsored by University of Missouri Extension and Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Program will include an opportunity to ask questions of MDNR staff and MU faculty.
  • Date and Time City Location Local Contact
    Monday July 16
    1:00 PM
    Sedalia, MO Friendship Room, First United Methodist Church
    1701 W. 32nd St.
    Brent Carpenter
    Tuesday July 17
    1:00 PM
    Trenton, MO Barton Farm Campus, North Central Missouri College
    96 SE 8th Ave.
    Kevin Hansen
    Wednesday July 18
    1:00 PM
    Mt. Vernon, MO University of Missouri Southwest Research Center
    14548 Hwy H
    Thursday July 19
    1:30 PM
    Mexico, MO Audrain 4-H Center
    21509 Hwy D
    Heather Smith

  • Visit the MDNR CAFO website for additional information.

Key points on the permit renewal process:

  • Permit renewal paperwork must be submitted by August 27, 2012 to maintain permit coverage on your farm.
  • You will need to choose between two general permits: The State No-Discharge General Permit and the State NPDES General Permit. See the 2012 Special Edition of Commercial Ag News and attend the meetings to learn the differences between these two permits.
  • The permit fee for both permits will be $150, due with the permit renewal form.
  • You should keep a copy of your renewal form with a copy of your nutrient management plan in your on-farm records.

Important links:

  • CAFO General Permit Renewal Form (Form MO 780-2112): Link will be provided when the form is finalized by MDNR. Fill out and submit this form to renew your permit.
  • Missouri CAFO Nutrient Management Technical Standard: This standard defines how manure nutrients are managed on Missouri CAFOs.
  • MDNR CAFO Record Keeping Forms: All permitted CAFOs are expected to keep detailed records. These forms detail the records you are required to keep on-site at a Missouri CAFO.
  • MDNR Form H, General Permit Termination Form: The form used to request termination of your permit. Some poultry operations that needed a permit in the past no longer will need a permit. The table below shows the increase in the minimum size of affected operations that needs a permit. Affected operations should submit this form if they want to terminate their permit.

Operation type Old threshold New threshold
Broiler Operations, dry litter 100,000 birds 125,000 birds
Pullets, dry litter 60,000 birds 125,000 birds
Turkey poults, brood phase, on litter 55,000 birds 125,000 birds
Layers, dry systems 30,000 birds 82,000 birds