Heartland Animal Manure Management Workshop

Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri

The Heartland states represent a significant portion of cattle (46%), Hogs (37%), layers (21%), turkeys (10.2%) and dairy (5.5%) production in the United States. Thus, application of information in animal manure management for development and compliance with regulations and in nutrient management from feeding through crop utilization of manure nutrients and water resource protection is needed.

The goals of the Heartland Animal Manure Management issue team include: assisting state regulatory agencies and federal partners within EPA Region 7 with integration of new federal concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) regulations and comprehensive nutrient management plan (CNMP) guidelines into state rules, and expanding the understanding of public and private sector livestock industry advisors concerning federal and state CAFO regulations and the tools to implement those regulations.

Supported by a grant from USDA NIFA from 2008 to 2013 and is being supported in part by a USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant in 2014 and 2015.

Previous Heartland Animal Manure Management website: http://www.heartlandwq.iastate.edu/ManureManagement

2015 Heartland Animal Manure Management Workshop

2014 Heartland Animal Manure Management Workshop

For more information contact a member of the Heartland Executive Committee:
John Lory
Joel DeRouchey
Amy Schmidt
Dan Anderson
Joe Lally

Kansas State University Iowa State University University of Missouri Columbia University of Nebraska Lincoln