Selected Nutrient Management Publications

This page includes links to some of the useful MU guides available on nutrient management and related topics. 

Please search MU publications for access to a more comprehensive list of MU guides.


Phosphorus and Water Quality

  • G9181 Agricultural phosphorus and water quality.
  • G9182 Managing manure phosphorus to protect water quality.
  • G9220 Strategies to minimize phosphorus loss from your farm.
  • G9184 The Missouri Phosphorus Index.
  • G9183 Phosphorus best management practices for biosolids and other organic residuals.
  • G9221 Nutrients and water quality for lakes and streams.
  • NCR187 Agricultural phosphorus management and water quality protection in the Midwest.

Nitrogen management

  • G9218 Managing nitrogen to protect water quality.
  • G9186 Calculating plant-available nitrogen and residual nitrogen fertilizer value in manure.
  • G9177 Preplant nitrogen test for adjusting corn nitrogen recommendations.
  • IPM1027 Best management practices for nitrogen fertilizer in Missouri.
  • PM1584 Cornstalk testing to evaluate nitrogen management (Iowa State Publication)

Testing Soils and Manure.

  • G9217 Soil sampling hayfields and rowcrops.
  • G9215 Soil sampling pastures.
  • G9112 Interpreting Missouri soil test reports.
  • G9340 Sampling poultry litter for nutrient testing.
  • EQ0215 Laboratory analysis of manure.

Other Related Topics

  • G0219 Setback distances for land application of manure.
  • G9334 Optimizing fertilizer value of manure from slurry hog finishing operations.
  • G9330 Calculating the value of manure as a fertilizer source.
  • G2324 Swine diet manipulation to minimize environmental impacts.
  • G4555 Managing manure on alfalfa hay.
  • G2083 Calculating the fertilizer value of supplemental feed for cattle on pasture.
  • EQ0349 Hog manure and domestic wastewater management objectives.
  • Review of Guidelines for Temporary Manure Piles.

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