The Missouri Clipper
Nutrient Management Data Download

Nutrient management software has specific data requirements.

  • The Spatial Nutrient Management Planner (SNMP) requires geo-referenced aerial photographs, data from the soils survey, a topographic map and state-specific data on manure application setback requirements.
  • Manure Management Planner (MMP) needs data from the soils survey and crop and climatology data from Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).
  • The data download also includes data needed by the Revised Soil Loss Equation version 2 (RUSLE(2)).

The Missouri Clipper provides a way for you to locate the farm of interest, define an area of interest and submit a data request. The data-finder packages the data in a compressed file that can be downloaded onto your computer hard drive. Un-compress the file in the same folder on your computer as you put the working SNMP and MMP files for that farm.

The Missouri Clipper: National Nutrient Management Data Download. Use this link to retrieve nutrient management data from any of the 48 contiguous states. We currently have access to B&W geo-referenced images from the mid 1990s.

For Missouri only: Missouri Nutrient Management Data Download: Use this link to retrieve nutrient management data from within Missouri. The Missouri Nutrient Management Data Finder is preferred in Missouri because it provides recent color geo-referenced images in the downloaded files.

The Data Download sites are developed and maintained by CARES at University of Missouri