SNMP 2.0 Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials on how to load SNMP-2.0 onto your computer, access needed spatial data, use the program to delineate farm fields and setback features, make farm maps and export data to Purdue's Manure Management Planner.

Other SNMP Links

More about SNMP-2.0.

Download SNMP-2.0.  Download files and the information you need to load SNMP-2.0 on your computer.

Nutrient Management Data Download. Links to University of Missouri sites that provide spatial data needed by SNMP-2.0.

National Setbacks Database. SNMP-2.0 includes a database of state-specific setback requirements for manure application. This site provides access to the regulatory and NRCS setback requirements in the 34 states we fully support.  It is up to the planner to insure that the setbacks SNMP are correct for the plan they are developing.

SNMP-1.1.   We no longer support SNMP-1.1 (released April 5, 2005) but it still can be downloaded from this site.  To run SNMP-1.1 you must have ArcView 3.x on your computer.