End-of-Season Corn Stalk Nitrate Challenge Postponed Until 2014

John Lory, Division of Plant Sciences, Commercial Agriculture Program

Stalk Nitrate Challenge will not be paying for sample analysis this year. Farmers are encouraged to use the stalk nitrate test as a post mortem assessment of their nitrogen management of their corn crop. This analysis costs $10 including the cost to grind the sample. In past years we have had a program to encourage use of the stalk nitrate test by not charging for this analysis. We do not have support for this program this year but hope to restart the program next year. Go to http://soilplantlab.missouri.edu/soil/ for more information on how to submit stalk nitrate samples to the MU Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory. Information on how to sample corn stalks and interpret stalk nitrate test results is available at http://nmplanner.missouri.edu/resources/IA_Stalk_NO3_Test_PM1584.pdf.

If you have questions about the end-of-season Corn Stalk Nitrate Challenge contact John Lory (LoryJ@missouri.edu).