Missouri Nutrient Management Plan
Document Generators

To install the Missouri Web-Based Document Generators into your version of Purdue's Manure Managment Planner download and run the MMPWEbTools.exe file.

DOWNLOAD Installer File (~2.5MB) 

University of Missouri has worked with NRCS and Missouri DNR to develop nutrient management plans that meet their needs and the needs of farmers.  The plan templates have been integrated into document generators that can be loaded into Purdue's Manure Management Planner (MMP).  Once correctly installed the document generator will automatically generate much of the Missouri nutrient management plan.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In 2012 we released a new suite of Missouri document generators - The Missouri Web-Based Document Generators. The Missouri Web-Based Document Generators fix many of the problems we were having with the old system and provide some new options.

The new document generator uses a web-based approach to generate Missouri nutrient management plans. To use the new document generator you must be connected to the internet.

Plan options for the Missouri Web-Based Document Generator:

  • The Missouri Farmer Plan including yearly, field-by-field recommendations for manure and fertilizer management.  The year-one farmer plan includes lime recommendations.  This document is tailored to provide key information to the farmer on the dates, location and rates of application of manure and fertilizer.

  • The Missouri NRCS Reviewer's Document is an extensive plan summary organized to facilitate review by NRCS for plans that are developed for NRCS EQIP. The plan is organized with an extensive index at the start of the plan that can also be used as a check list for requirements for an NRCS Nutrient Management Plan. This plan was developed for plan review and documentation and is not meant to be used by the farmer for implementing the plan.

  • The Missouri NRCS Reviewer's Document for Fertilizer Only Operations is similar to the NRCS Reviewer's document above except that it is meant for plans that do not include manure as a source of fertilizer.

  • The MDNR Reviewer's Document is a document tailored to provide the documentation Missouri Department of Natural Resources would like to have submitted to them or maintained on site for MDNR inspectors of your nutrient management plan.

All document generators MMP automatically complete data entry for many tables in the plan.  The generated plan also includes prompts for information not available in MMP that the planner needs to add to the plan.

The document generator creates an .rtf file that can be opened as an MSWord document that the planner can edit to complete any missing information and compete any additional editing. 

The Missouri Document Generators supplement other document generators packaged with MMP.  The National CNMP template may be of interest. MMP users should look at different templates and determine which ones meet their needs.  You have the option of cutting and pasting data out of multiple templates to create your own format for a nutrient management plan.

Manure Management Planner (MMP) is a product of Purdue University and must be installed on your machine to use the Missouri Document Generators. 

To Use the Missouri Web-Based Document Generators once they have been installed into Purdue's Manure Management Software already on your computer:

  • 1. Complete the data entry and nutrient managment planning steps for your plan in MMP.
  • 2. "Click" the "Tools" button go to the "Custom" tab.
  • 3. Expand the "Web Tools" section.
  • 4. Highlight "Missouri Document Generators" and then "click" on "Run Custom Tool".
  • 5. Click "okay" to lanch the web tool.
  • 6. Follow instructions on the web page to generate your documents.
  • 7. When you complete your web session be sure to select "Exit and Delete Files" to end your web session.

An important difference between this generator and the old document generators is that we can no longer support updating an existing document with this new system.

Questions?  Contact John Lory.