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Plant Available Nitrogen (PAN) method must be used by concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to determine the nitrogen fertilizer value of manure. Manure application rates for a field is calculated using the PAN estimate and a target fertilizer nitrogen rate for a field.

The calculations used by this calculator are detailed in MU Guide G9186 “Calculating Plant-Available Nitrogen and Residual Nitrogen Value in Manure.”  Contact John Lory if you have questions or comments.

To calculate PAN you need to have an estimate of manure nutrient concentration, information on the type of animals, information on use of bedding and information on the method of manure application. Enter the requested information to determine PAN for a source of manure.

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Converted Manure Test Results - As-is Basis

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Organic Nitrogen: lbs/ton
Ammonium Nitrogen: lbs/ton
Nitrate Nitrogen: lbs/ton
Phosphate: lbs/ton
Potash: lbs/ton
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Plant Available Nitrogen (PAN)


Residual Nitrogen Fertilizer Value (RNFV):

Availability factors used:

  • k1(Y1), organic N, year 1:
  • k1(Y2), organic N, year 2:
  • k2(NH4), ammonium N:
  • k2(NO3), Nitrate N: 1.0

Recommended Manure Application Rate

Target Fertilizer N Rate: lbs/acre
Manure Application Rate:
Phosphate Applied: lbs/acre
Potash Applied: lbs/acre
Year 2 residual fertilizer N value: lbs/acre